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SVU TeniSTA is a student tennis club in Amsterdam which is backed by the sportcentrum of the Vrije Universiteit. We combine the sporty tennis with social activities to try and create a group of likeminded students and tennis buddy’s.

TeniSTA has joined the park of ALTC de Aemstelburgh since september 2016, only 10 minutes away by bike from the Vrije Universiteit.


The board 2019/2020 is:

Chairman:  Tim Verweij  voorzitter@tenista.nl  Tim Verweij
Secretary Internus:  Manon Graman  info@tenista.nl  Manon Graman
Treasurer:  Edda Flockenhaus  penningmeester@tenista.nl  Edda Flockenhaus
Secretary Externus:  Mathieu Tjon  internezaken@tenista.nl  Mathieu Tjon


The club was founded on the 5th of december 1969 as a part of the then Algemene Sportverening of the Vrije Universiteit (ASVU). The ASVU was founded in november 1945 and was created by the Commission to enhance the cultural and physical importances of the students at the VU (CoSCUVu). This Commission was founded to promote the social gatherings between the students of the university. This is one of the most prominent founding ideas within our own club. We try to create a welcoming safe space for everyone looking for a new start in Amsterdam.

Previous boards

Board 2018/2019:

Chairman:  Anne Weeber
Secretary:  Jasper van Doorn
Treasurer:  Jelle Prein
Internal affairs:  Gabriëlla van Bruggen

Board 2017/2018:

Chairman:  Jurre Holzhauer
Secretary:  Joeri Eising
Treasurer:  Francine Verbeek
External affairs:  Marcel van de Lagemaat
Internal affairs:  Anne Plas

Board 2016/2017:

Chairman:  Jelle Prein
Secretary:  Vera Hogenboom
Treasurer:  Anthea van der Velden
Internal affairs:  Coralie Huigen

Board 2015/2016:

Chairman:  Marije van der Waal
Secretary:  Shan Sui Nio
Treasurer:  Tim van der Zee
Internal affairs:  Rosalie Woerdenbach

Board 2014:

Chairman:  Lana Dördregter
Secretary:  Jasper van de Lagemaat
Treasurer:  Felix Peters
Externe Zaken:  Jeffrey Koole

Board 2013:

Chairman:  Rick Kroezen
Secretary:  Boudewijn Muller
Treasurer:  Fenna Boon
Internal affairs:  Lana Dördregter

Board 2012:

Chairman:  Willem Dorst
Secretary:  Niels Waterval
Treasurer:  Bob Radder
External affairs:  Rick Kroezen
Internal affairs:  Claudia Haug

Board 2011:

Chairman:  Iris Brandenburg
Secretary:  Anouk Rosman
Treasurer:  Margot Haringa
External affairs:  Bente van den Bergh
Internal affairs:  Lisanne Molenaar

Board 2010:

Chairman:  Sebastian Lytkowski
Secretary:  Lotte Deen
Treasurer:  Michiel Hilgeman
External affairs:  Guus van de Plasse
Internal affairs:  Iris Brandenburg

Board 2009:

Chairman:  Teun Schriemer
Secretary:  Debbie Reimerink
Treasurer:  Jeffrey Blaas
External affairs:  Floortje Steenhuis
Internal affairs:  Jarst Frans

Board 2008:

Chairman:  Jeroen de Liefde
Vice-Chairman:  Teun Schriemer
Secretary:  Bart Keukenmeester
Treasurer:  Orly Yitzhak
Internal affairs:  Debbie/ Linda/ Johan

Board 2007:

Chairman:  Jeroen de Liefde
Secretary:  Martine Kelder
Treasurer:  Orly Yhitzak
External affairs:  Paul de Bruijn
Internal affairs:  Johan/ Geertje/ Ru-Shan