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SVU TeniSTA is a student tennis club in Amsterdam which is backed by the sportcentrum of the Vrije Universiteit. We combine the sporty tennis with social activities to try and create a group of likeminded students and tennis buddy’s. TeniSTA has joined the park of ALTC de Aemstelburgh since september 2016, only 10 minutes away by bike from the Vrije Universiteit and/or the Uilenstede campus.

If you are thinking about learning a new sport or improving your tennisgame or simply getting to know more students in Amsterdam, then join us at TeniSTA and enjoy the camaraderie at our club. You can always drop by during a toss if you send a notice to first. Then you can judge for yourself whether you enjoy the TeniSTA experience.


Every week we organize our own toss at the courts of ALTC de Aemstelburgh. During the summer season, from April until September, this is on Thursday evenings. In the winter season, from October until March, this is on Wednesday evenings (as long as the weather allows). We then play short, unofficial matches among eachother in random combinations. It is all just for fun, so the scores are not important and it is a great opportunity to practice and hone your tennis skills to perfection! Plus it is a perfect chance to meet everybody and maybe even receive some helpful tips from the best players of the club! Come and play, to experience TeniSTA yourself!


At TeniSTA, you can also follow our weekly tennis lessons. During the summer season, from April until September, the lessons are on Wednesday evenings at ALTC de Aemstelburgh. In the winter season, the lessons are on Friday evenings at the indoor courts of TC Buitenveldert so we can even train if weather gets bad. All lessons are in groups on different levels and will be given by our trainer Borre. This everyman's friend will teach you the tips and tricks of the game of Tennis. Every strategy will be discussed. The first tip I can already give you is "Watch your splitstep!".


Each last Thursday of the month all our members join up in Il Caffè at Uilenstede. This night we share our all latest news and tennis achievements while enjoying a cold drink. We look forward seeing you there!


At TeniSTA you can enter the regional competitions that are played in the summer and the fall. During such a competition you will be playing on Saturday's or Sunday's in a men's, ladies or mixed team. For many members this is one of the most enjoyable activities at TeniSTA. Because you are a team and play together for 7 weekends, you really build a bond with your fellow teammates. During the mostly beautiful sunny days of playing tennis and hopefully winning. What could be better than after the tennis enjoying a well deserved beer and gorging on the competition bowl (snacks) at the club? On saturday you usually play 5 or 6 matches as a team and on the sunday you usually play 6 or 8 matches depending on the type of team you're in. When you play at home on Aemstelburgh, often other TeniSTA's will be around as well, cheering you on and giving you helpful tips to keep your spirits up. Who knows, maybe you will win the competition next summer or fall?


Every year we organise our own open tournament. This usually takes place during the Pentecost weekend. We also organise our own club championships to see which one of our members will take home our coveted club trophy. And last but not least we have our yearly family and friends tournaments where everyone invites their family and/or friends to play together (even if they never played tennis before)!


During the whole year we also have moments aside from tennis to get to know each other outside the courts. At the start of every collegeyear we organise a new member activity, the perfect time for our new members to get to know each other; We organize pubquizzes to test your knowledge; We start each year with our new years dinner; We have a yearly gala; We organize a BBQ at the end of the competitions; And don't forget our other fun activities like karting, lasergaming, escaperoom and others.

Weekend trips

At the beginning and the end of the year we organise a weekend trips with our Commission. During these weekends we explore a city or town in the Netherlands. We eat together, we go out together and laugh together.